ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — In it’s updated flood warning for the Mississippi River, the National Weather Service is expecting the Mississippi at St. Louis to rise higher and crest a day later.

Wednesday’s flood warning calls for the Mighty Mississippi to crest Monday morning near 35.5 feet, over a foot higher than forecast just yesterday.

Several flood gates will likely be closed and Leonor K. Sullivan Bouelvard begins to flood in front of the Arch

One National Weather Service hydrologist says, “we could be see flooding higher than what we saw in 2008,” and worst case scenario “we could be seeing flooding, that we haven’t seen the likes of since 1995.”

Hydrologist Mark Fuchs says that’s based on rain that hasn’t fallen yet, but is forecasted.

Fuchs says there won’t be an accurate picture until Friday morning. Adding rainfall totals with thunderstorms are very hard to predict.


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