ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – Homeless advocate Rev. Larry Rice says he is willing to donate two vacant lots of property in north St. Louis County if the administration of County Executive Charlie Dooley will turn them into a homeless shelter.

Rice and several homeless women showed up to what would have been the weekly council meeting but the council had scheduled a day off this Tuesday. Rice says the offer is still on the table and he does want to meet with county officials to talk about the property.

“3950 Lada Ave., that’s off of Natural Bridge, it’s a little bit north of Natural Bridge and a little bit east of I-70 so it’s up in the unincorporated area up there and what we’re doing is again making it available with the agreement that they’re going to open a shelter,” Rice explained. The land was donated to Rice’s New Life Evangelistic Center last year.

The Dooley administration promised a new shelter last August but says it can’t find a spot for it.

“We’re making this available to them, all they have to do is agree that they will open the shelter that was promised last August,” Rice said.

Rice says he has spoken with residents who live near the lots and most are open to the idea but there are some who have reservations.

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