ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Claiming that our next September 11-type disaster will be a cyber-attack, the founder of a local “ethical hacking” firm is bringing America’s 100 best ethical hackers to St. Louis this week.

While here, Parameter Security founder Dave Chronister will have the hackers hack into computer systems to show local IT experts how to protect against more nefarious hackers.

“We’re going to actually show you how we break in,” he said. “The actual attacks, we’re going to demonstrate them.”

Chronister says the convention is not only vital to private companies but is critical to preventing what he says would be the worst terrorist attack to date: a long-lasting attack on a city’s utilities.

“Imagine this city going two or three weeks without any utilities. It will just be an absolute nightmare,” he said.

Chronister told KMOX’s Total Information AM that the biggest weakness in a computer system is the people who use it.

“Hackers are not going after your firewall. Hackers are not going after your databases,” he explained. “They’re going after your receptionists, your executive sales people.”

So, how hard is it for a hacker to get into a well-protected system? Chronister used a local financial industry firm as an example.

“I walked in as a fake utility employee and within less than a minute I had a computer on their network and I had full access.”


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