ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – 2014 will mark the 250th year since the city’s founding fathers arrived on the St. Louis riverfront and the entire region will mark the event with a year-long celebration.

You will get to know it as stl250. Erin Budde has been named as the celebration’s executive eirector and has already announced one of the big events: a “Burnin’ Love” festival in Forest Park.

“It will be on Valentine’s Day. It will feature wonderful live music, hot chocolate happy hours, culinary tents to stay warm,” she explained. “We will light up the canals and lakes in Forest Park with some permanent sconces.”

The festival’s centerpiece, a burning heart sculpture, will be set on fire in the Grand Basin Lake at the bottom of Art Hill.

Another event which has already been announced is a “cakewalk.” 250 fiberglass cakes will be placed at points of interest from which you can download information on your smart phone.

“If you are standing in front of a cake and you have that application, you get content about where you are and why this is important,” Budde said.

As for the city’s other stl250 events next year, individuals, businesses, arts organizations, schools and churches are all being encouraged to send ideas.

The St. Louis area was a center of Native American culture and civilization before its discovery in 1673 by French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette.

“St. Louis has a long history, current momentum and a promising future,” Budde said. “It’s important that we mark this major milestone in a way that engages our entire region.”


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