Reporting on and hearing all the stories about communities where people are sandbagging or who have had levees that have either had water going over the top or have been breached brings me back to thinking about why people live or work in such places.

Think about it.  As I write this West Alton, Kimmswick, Portage Des Sioux and others are either doing everything they can to hold back the Missouri or Mississippi rivers.

Perhaps now is the time to relocate some of the smaller communities to higher ground not unlike what Valmeyer, Illinois and Rhineland, Missouri did.  And for those who choose not to move make it mandatory for them to purchase and keep up to date flood insurance.

Some cities, like Hannibal, have created a major flood wall to hold back mother nature.  St. Charles has a major park along the river that can handle the Missouri river’s rise.

Granted the initial cost would be high.  But long term think of the money and potential loss of life that would be saved by moving people out of harms way.



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