Update: Alderman Bosley Sr. now says he will return any donations made to help send his daughter to college.

“I won’t even open the damn envelope, if that’s what it is,” Bosley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Thursday. “I’ll just send it back.”

“Since you made such a stink out of it, I’ll return any money,” he added.  “You really have blown that thing well out of proportion. I did nothing wrong.”

For more, read our earlier story below.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — St. Louis Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. is taking a different approach to the college tuition conundrum. This week, the longtime politician asked his supports and friends to help him send his daughter to college.

Read the letter HERE.

The letter begins by saying “This is Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr., requesting your support once more.” Bosley goes on to explain the cost of attending St. Xavier University in Chicago is $38,890, but with grants and scholarships his family is left with a $14,276 bill.

After listing his daughter’s accomplishments thus far, he ends the letter by telling potential donors to make checks payable to: St. Xavier University and send them to his home address.

While the private fundraising letter may raise some eyebrows Bosley told KMOX Wednesday that he didn’t do anything wrong.

“I wasn’t doing anything with taxpayers money, I wasn’t doing anything while I was on the payroll for the City of St. Louis,” said Bosley. He adds he paid for the paper used and the postage stamps himself.

Bosley also addressed the possible conflicts of interest question by saying, “most of those people don’t have anything to do with city business.”

Stacey Heislen, the acting director of the Missouri Ethics Commission told the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “It’s a unique situation.”

“We’ve never been posed a question of this nature before, that I’m aware of anyway.”


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