METROPOLIS, Ill. (KMOX) – This weekend marks the 35th annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois, which is the home of the superhero.

Sunday, organizers will attempt to bring back the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman to Metropolis. The gathering will be held at the Superman Statue at 3 p.m. and participants are required to stand there for 10 minutes. Check-in will start at noon.

“I really think we got a pretty good chance of breaking this record and bringing it back to Metropolis, hometown of Superman,” says Karla Ogle, co-chair of the Superman Celebration.

Ogle says Metropolis broke the record in 2008 with 122 people.

In 2010, Goodman Masson, the United Kingdom’s largest independent financial recruitment company, broke the record with 180 participants.

The title changed hands again when a group of 437 employees with Nexen Inc., located in Calgary Alberta of Canada, broke the record for a second time since Metropolis owned it.

Recently the record came back to the United State when a group in Chicago broke the record with 556 people.

Ogle says they are shooting for at least 567 people this weekend.

There are strict rules for how participants must dress in order for them to count toward the total.

“It has to be to the traditional Superman costume, which includes, the full blue body suit, the red trunks, red cape, red boots, yellow belt, and the ‘S’ shield on the chest in red and yellow,” Ogle says.

She says fan-made costumes are acceptable as long as they meet the criteria. Pets dressed as Superman will not count, according to Ogle.

People of all ages are invited to participate and each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Awards will be given to the largest group or organization to participate, the oldest participant, the youngest participant, the largest family represented and the participant that traveled the furthest.

The Superman Celebration, this weekend, will also play host to appearances from Margot Kidder, who played Louis Lane in the Superman film; Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luther on Smallville; and Alessandro Juliani, who played Dr. Emil Hamilton on Smallville and Sergeant Sedowsky in the new movie Man of Steel.


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