ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KMOX) – Mayor Adam Paul banged the gavel to begin last night’s Ellisville City Council meeting, even as the temporary stay on his impeachment heads back to court.

“I’m so excited to get back into work but when I hear the city’s trying to appeal or reconsider the motion to stay me, it kind of took the sail out of my winds,” Paul said Tuesday.

Paul was impeached in April after nearly a year of infighting with members of the city council and others. Paul was elected with 44 percent of the vote last year in a field of four contestants but sided against tax increment financing for retail giant Walmart, a move that earned him the ire of many on the council.

“I’ve got a duty to the residents of Ellisville to maintain the quorum and professionalism,” the former ex-mayor said Tuesday night. “Right now my main concern is dragging the city of Ellisville’s name out of the mud for the actions of the previous council.”

Paul’s supporters greeted him with a standing ovation Tuesday night and even his most outspoken political opponent said he ran a tidy meeting.

“I honestly believe Mayor Paul brought his A-game tonight,” said councilman Matt Pirrello. “He was the utmost professional. I think with this type of activity I think we have an opportunity to really move the city forward and I’m excited about it.”

Pirrello says the city is asking a judge to clarify a few issues regarding Paul’s temporary reinstatement. For example, what should be done about a special election that was planned? And would decisions made by Paul during this temporary reinstatement stand if he is ultimately kicked out of office?

Meanwhile, Paul isn’t backing away from the issue which forced him from office. He says a top priority is preventing a groundbreaking for a Walmart store in Ellisville.

“I’m not giving up on Walmart until the doors are open. That was the campaign message I ran on, that was the platform, and it would be criminal if I went back on my word,” he said.


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