Harry Hamm

harry star 3andahalfstars Man of Steel With a Heart of Gold

The newest Superman epic seems designed to be as appealing to as many viewers as possible, which is not a bad idea when you’re spending about $250 million to make the motion picture. However, the commercial product placements in the film are numerous and way too obvious.

man 4

Henry Cavill is prime as Kal-El, aka Superman. From the time he is shipped to Earth by his parents, landing on a farm where he is raised by characters played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, he struggles with his identity and true purpose in life. He realizes his “gifts” and feels trapped by the need to hide his special talents. Cavill does a credible job of portraying all this inner-turmoil throughout the film.

man 5

Russell Crowe is good as Jor-El, his father, and has a lot of scenes for a guy who dies early in the movie. Gratefully, he does not try to sing.

man 2

Michael Shannon as General Zod,  Superman’s prime opponent who is out for a lot of destruction, is excellent. You can, at times, understand his motives. Actually, what he really wants front Superman is an alliance. Not going to happen. Shannon makes Zod almost a good guy in an offbeat way.

man 3

Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Laurence Fishburne as her boss, Perry White, round out this well-chosen cast.

man steel 1

“Man of Steel” has a fast, explosive, bang-up start with special digital effects lighting up the theater. The center of the film becomes more on the introspective side, which may cause some diehard fans to get a little restless, but on balance it’s a right mixture of story and scope.

man 6

The film will be good in 2-D or 3-D, but I suggest you try to see it in an IMAX or mega-screen format. The technical aspects of this motion picture sell the violence and destruction. Now, Superman is facing his biggest battle of them all: Conquering the box office!



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