TAZEWELL COUNTY, IL (KMOX) – Another downstate Illinois prosecutor announced that he won’t wait for the governor to sign a bill into law that would allow concealed weapons.

Tazewell County prosecutor Stewart Umholtz says it doesn’t make sense to enforce a law that a federal appeals court has deemed unconstitutional.

He released a statement reading : “A Citizen who wishes to exercise their Second Amendment right to carry a firearm outside of the home for self-defense should not be placed in a situation where they fear prosecution.”

State’s attorneys in Randolph and Madison counties announced they will let their residents carry concealed weapons and the sheriff in southern Illinois’ Clinton County has said that anyone in his jurisdiction from counties that allow concealed weapons won’t be arrested for packing heat.

Meanwhile, Governor Pat Quinn has said little about why he has not signed the bill or the possible reservations he might have about it. Quinn’s office said this week that he was “reviewing the bill carefully.”


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