ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Metro East congressman says Osama bin Laden might be alive today if not for information gleaned by federal agencies.

As a guest on the Charlie Brennan Show, United States Representative John Shimkus, Collinsville Republican, was asked about the current eavesdropping scandal rocking the National Security Agency.

“Zero Dark Thirty, that movie, how to do you think they got that connection?” Shimkus asked. “It was phone records and a phone number to connect up to get bin Laden. It’s a tough issue.”

He adds that he thinks we can’t tie the hands of intelligence agencies and still expect them to get the information needed to shut down terrorist plots.

Shimkus said he is satisfied with the NSA collecting vital information to keep the country safe from terrorists. He says the NSA is not taking the time to listen in on the private conversations of average Americans.

He says he is aware of at least 20 terrorist attacks against the U.S. that have been thwarted since 911 thanks to surveillance programs.


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