ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  A thousand complaints have led Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to sue a St. Louis business and its owner for violating the state’s “no-call” law.

The lawsuit was filed against Pure Air Inc. – doing business as Air Duct Cleaning – along with its president Noach Palatnik. Joe Bindbeutel, chief counsel in the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, says the unwanted calls started in March. He says it is rare that a no-call list violator be a Missouri-based company.

“Most companies we find that pile up massive numbers of violations are out of state and many times, out of country and, frankly, beyond lawful process,” Bindbeutel explained.

Air Duct Cleaning, however, is not. According to the lawsuit, consumers asked the company to stop calling . Not only did the automated calls continue, they increased. Some consumers claims to have received dozens of calls.

The Attorney General’s Office says one consumer claims a company representative told him they aren’t subject to Missouri’s no-call law.

Koster is asking the court to make them stop the calls and pay $5,000 dollars for each violation.

Koster’s office says the next big wave of unwanted robo-calls are coming to your cell phone. Missourians can place their cell phone numbers on the list as well.

Another popular tactic is “spoofing,” according to Bindbeutel.

“Which is disabling the caller ID on recipients’ telephones – mobile phones and landlines,” he said. “Which is a way that robo-callers and others can get around your defense which is ‘who’s calling me?'”


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