WALTON, Neb. (CBS St. Louis) – Kids will learn how to shoot and handle firearms with .22 caliber rifles at the Boy Scouts of America Cornhusker Council day camp thanks to a surge in bullet donations.

Three months ago Scout leaders thought they would have to use air guns but will not have to thanks to the generous donations, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

Their goal was for 24,000 rounds but wound up getting more than 65,000 bullets from donors. One man from Iowa donated more than 10,000 rounds.

Using an air gun just isn’t the same as using the real thing.

“It’s not quite gonna be the same to him,” 16-year-old Eric Hayward, who is an assistant at the camp’s shotgun and rifle range told the Journal Star. “It’s gonna mean more to the camper if he gets an actual chance to shoot a gun as opposed to a training aid that just looks nice.”

Administrators of the camp now say they have enough rounds of ammo to last for three years.

“We were just happy to see people still believe scouting is relevant,” Jerad Reimers, Cornhusker Council district director, told the paper.

“We in America have a culture that does involve firearms,” William Cover, the council’s program director for campus, added. “We want to make sure our young people are instructed in their proper and safe usage.”

Reimer first asked suppliers for bullets but came up empty-handed.

He then asked local gun shops for donations. After picking up 1,500 rounds the first week the story got more attention and shops from across the country were willing to pitch in and donate as well.

“Knowing about firearms is just good citizenship,” Kevin Potratz, Troop 256 Scoutmaster, told the Journal Star.

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