ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It was revealed in Congressional testimony Wednesday that the federal government has used drones to conduct surveillance on American soil.

Despite the concerns expressed by many lawmakers after the testimony of Federal Bureau of Investigations Director Robert Mueller, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO, says the government has to be careful not to reveal information that will actually help the nation’s enemies.

“I think if most Missourians understood all of the facts behind this program, they would be much more comfortable,” she said in a conference call. “The way this has come out and the way it has been reported I think has twisted and distorted some of the facts.”

McCaskill says that while she understands Mueller’s admission will cause a lot of consternation, she is still convinced that federal officials are not listening in to every phone call and reading every e-mail.

“[The] NSA is not looking for content, they are looking for data driven to see patterns, particularly dealing with certain foreign subjects,” she said. “In some ways, NSA is collecting less data on many Americans than Facebook and Amazon.”

Missouri senior senator says the more details that emerge about surveillance programs during Congressional hearings, the less effective those programs become. She calls it a delicate dance, trying to balance Americans’ need to know with the need for effectiveness and secrecy.


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