ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The National Baptist Convention wraps up its week-long series of meetings Friday in downtown St. Louis.

More than 30,000 Baptists attended the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education.

Spokesman Reverend Marty Tipton says the convention provided learning opportunities for pastors, teachers and students.

“We definitely hope to not only leave a financial impact within any city that we attend, in this case St. Louis, but we also seek to leave a more spiritual impact in the community as well and that’s always our biggest concern,” Tipton says.

This is the second year the group held the event in the city and the first time it was held in the same city back to back.

“We were here last year and St. Louis did such a wonderful job hosting last year,” Tipton says of the group’s time in St. Louis. “The delegates enjoyed in such a tremendous way being here that we did something that is really unprecedented here within our convention and that’s do one city back to back.”

Next year’s meeting will be in Dallas.

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