ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – The man famous for kissing cobras and holding scorpions in his mouth brought some of his creepy crawlers to a summer camp in Hazelwood.

Serengeti Steve, a reptile and insect expert, brought some exotic creatures to a D.A.R.E. summer camp on Friday, where he let the kids hold and play with the animals.

During the interactive show, Steve gave kids the opportunity to hold an alligator, several snakes and even a tarantula, which he allowed to crawl down one girl’s face as she looked on in terror.

Steve says the program was about facing fears and learning more about the animals

“Nothing makes me happier than at the end of a program that same child, that 45-50 minutes ago was terrified, is now raising their hand begging to hold something and it’s because of the fun that was injected into the program,” he says.

While presenting a snake, Steve told the kids just because the snake has teeth in his mouth, that does not mean it is going to bite.

“You guys have teeth, that doesn’t mean you’re going to bite and neither is the snake, I promise,” he says.

Steve assures that his show is safe.

“I like to just reinforce these are things we can do in this controlled environment with somebody like myself who has worked in this field,” he says. “This is my life.”

Steve says he does 600 shows a year and no one has been hurt.

“I just want to make sure that they don’t go out and start doing the crazy things and picking up any snakes or spiders they see because quite frankly they don’t know what they are,” he says. “A lot of times kids think they know what they are doing but they really don’t.”

Steve was recently on America’s Got Talent and has been featured by Guinness World Records for holding a scorpion in his mouth for more than 17 minutes.


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