Harry Hamm

harry star 2andahalfstars World War Z a Battle To Enjoy

The formula for the new apocalyptic film “World War Z” is so derivative of other recent movies in this genre that the entire motion picture seems sluggish and predictable.


Brad Pitt appears as a “retired” CIA counter terrorism operative who gets pulled back into service after being caught in his car in Manhattan one day, along with his family, when a zombie invasion begins.


They somehow go from Manhattan to New Jersey where they take refuge in the apartment of another family until the CIA can send a helicopter to pick them up.


Now to me, this all poses some questions. How did they all get from Manhattan to New Jersey on foot and into an apartment so fast? How do dozens of zombies fail to kill Pitt when his character is armed solely with one gun, a knife and some cardboard on one of his arms? How does the CIA find him so fast amidst hundreds of New Jersey rooftops? I know. Don’t ask questions. Just sit there in a mindless daze going “Wow!”


Pitt’s character is enlisted to help a young scientist find a medical “cure” to all this zombie stuff. To its credit, the movie does present a reasonable portrayal of the Earth at a desperate  time. But when all the explosions and fire cease, this is just another film about the end of the world, zombies, destroying Washington, D.C., and leaving many cities in shambles. It doesn’t make sense. But maybe sense isn’t what it’s about.


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