BELLEVILLE, IL (KMOX) – The St. Clair County Board will vote Monday on whether to accept the nomination of new county clerk Tom Holbrook but the controversy left behind when former clerk Bob Delaney resigned last week isn’t going away.

KMOX News has learned that other employees who worked for Delaney are said to be preparing to file complaints as well.

Attorney Tom Kennedy tells KMOX News he has been approached by others to represent them. His initial client, whose discrimination and harassement charges led to Delaney’s resignation, has been offered another job in the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office.

Kennedy says they are still in talks about back pay and possible damages.

An investigative report prepared by the St. Clair County Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) office after interviewing 20 employees revealed dozens of claims of inappropriate behavior by Delaney, including allegations that he told one female employee they should have sex and grabbed the private parts of nine different women.

The report also states several employees were afraid to talk to the EEOC out of fear for their jobs. Delaney has denied all of the allegations.


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