ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There is some new thinking when it comes to dieting. For awhile, the traditional thinking has been that eating six small meals a day help you lose weight. A new study out of the Czech Republic, however, suggests two large meals a day are better.

This study was performed on diabetic patients, but St. Louis University nutrition specialist Dr. John Morley says he thinks the finding would hold up for non-diabetics.

“You limit how much you can eat and all of us tend to be people who each time we eat we cheat a little bit,” Morley says. “So, if you cheat a little bit on two meals, that must probably [be] a lot less than cheating on six meals a day.”

The key, Morley says, is the 1,500 calorie daily limit.

“Particularly if you spread the meals out at breakfast and then at dinner time, and manage to skip out on the lunch, it does seem to work,” Morley says. “I’ve certainly done that when I’m dieting and it seems to make a big difference.”


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