ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A new study finds that the type of spoons, forks and knives people use can influence not only how the food tastes, but how much people eat.

Accepting that the environment changes our sensory perceptions is a new frontier of medicine called environmental psychology.

For instance, yogurt off a white plastic spoon tastes more filling and seems more dense than yogurt off a silver spoon. The study also finds that the plastic spoon can make the yogurt taste sweeter.

CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips says color contrast also matters.

“Less contrast makes things taste sweeter,” she says. “So, white yogurt on a white spoon tastes sweeter than pink yogurt on a white spoon.”

The same thing goes for the choice of plates.

“When you fill a small plate with food, you think you’re getting more than if you put the same amount on a large plate,” Phillips says.


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