CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — A St. Louis County Circuit Judge Monday morning permanently reinstated Adam Paul as Mayor of Ellisville.

Last month, Judge David Lee Vincent III ordered a temporary injunction against the impeachment, and today he made his decision final. Read More: Judge Rules Ellisville Mayor Must Be Reinstated

Paul was impeached in April after nearly a year of infighting with members of the city council and others. Paul was elected with 44 percent of the vote last year in a field of four contestants but sided against tax increment financing for retail giant WalMart, a move that earned him the ire of many on the council.

“They targeted this young man because they didn’t like his politics and they targeted him from day one, instead of helping him they targeted him for removal,” says Paul’s attorney Chet Pleban. “They accused him of being a drunk for heaven’s sake, I mean how bad is that.”

The three-month long legal battle is expected to cost Ellisville taxpayers at least $150,000, not counting Mayor Paul’s legal bill. Pleban says he’s suing four Ellisville officials to try to recoup the cost.

Paul says he will continue to fight against tax breaks for a WalMart.

“I’ll always have the same opinion on WalMart,” he says. “I ran a campaign on…no WalMart and it would be criminal if I changed my mind on that.”


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