ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – The Normandy school district announced plans to provide bus service to Francis Howell next fall for students wanting to transfer to an accredited district.

Under state law, Normandy is forced to pay tuition for students who transfer to nearby districts that are accredited schools, but bus service is only being offered to Francis Howell.

This has led to angry parents from both districts. Marquette Collins says she has three children in the Normandy schools that could be affected.

“I think it’s crazy because I mean all these school districts that are around here, you would think that they would try to give it one of the school districts in the area and try to transport these kids instead of transporting them all the way to St. Charles,” Collins says.

Normandy parent Sheila Love says she is concerned with the distance to Francis Howell, which is about 20 miles away in St. Charles County.

“For one thing I think it’s too far,” Love says. “I have a 6-year-old and she goes out here to Barack Obama and I don’t want her transferred in case something happened.”

Normandy Superintendent Tyrone McNichols says the decision to pick Francis Howell was based on the schools excellent academics, low-cost and available space.

Francis Howell parents expressed concerns over Facebook about Normandy’s problems with drugs, violence and assaults.

There is no estimate yet on how many of the 4,600 Normandy students will seek transfer, or how many Francis Howell will accept.

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