ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — While you may like the booming sound of fireworks — rest assure, your dog or cat doesn’t.

Interim Director of Medical Clinics for Missouri’s Humane Society, Doctor Travis Arndt tells KMOX, the loud cracks and booms can cause the most obedient pet to misbehave.

“A startled dog or cat will either hide or try to escape the noise by either digging under, chewing through, or climbing over fences,” says Arndt.

He recommends giving your pet a quiet, cool place to retreat in your home, like a bathroom or the basement.

“We want to make sure they have access to cool clean water, we recommend closing all the windows in the house, turning on a radio or television to help mask the sounds and noises going on outside, and giving them their favorite toys and a nice bed to comfort them.”

Arndt says even if there are no fireworks displays in your immediate neighborhood your dog or cat should not be left alone outside because they can still be hurt by stray firecrackers or bottle-rockets.


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