ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — It’s almost a game this time of year: firework or gunshot?! But, in theory, you shouldn’t be hearing either in the city or the county.

St. Louis County prohibits fireworks, unless you have a permit and if you don’t already then it’s too late to get one.

Officer Randy Vaughn, St. Louis County Police Spokesman says fireworks stretch their limits, both on the street and in the 911 call center.

“We get an incredible amount of calls,” says Vaughn “We do add extra staffing, but year and year we deal with a manpower issue.”

He says if you’re caught lighting off fireworks illegally you’ll lose all the fireworks, get a court summons, and could potentially be stuck with a $50,000 fine.

He says the fireworks issue is similar to that of psudoephedrine used to make meth. People buy fireworks in neighboring counties, then bring them to St. Louis County.

St. Louis Police Chief Dotson reminds citizens that fireworks are not only illegal, but dangerous. He adds there will be additional personnel on firework patrol this year to catch anyone setting off fireworks illegally.


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