ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — You’re heard of rewards being offered for the arrest and conviction of people involved in crimes, but what about a reward to call out elected officials?

The head of a non-profit organization dedicated to law enforcement is taking an unusual step to curb what seems like a growing drug problem among elected officials in Illinois.

The Illinois Crime Commission and Executive Director Jerry Elsner say for this month, and this month only, they are offering a $10-thousand reward for information leading to a heroin-related arrest and conviction of any elected official in the state.

Elsner said he wants to have a war on drugs, instead of just arresting those whose pants are down around their knees.

“I talked to a father whose daughter died in his arms in his basement and I was so moved,” he said.

Three police officers in Schaumburg, and a judge and probation officer in St. Clair County highlight the drug problems in Illinois.

Elsner says they have a million dollars in committed donations to cover the rewards.


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