ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – After a recent court victory, the City of St. Louis is warning red light camera violators to pay up but a lawyer fighting them says drivers may still have some wiggle room.

“We’ve always had a fair number of deadbeats from these red light camera violations,” St. Louis Director of Operations Eddie Roth says, “but overall, overwhelming I would say, the red light cameras have brought down dangerous activity and that is our main objective with all of this.”

According to Roth, there are currently 138,000 unpaid red light camera tickets, representing $13.8 million in fines. He expects residents to begin paying those following a Missouri Appeals Court ruling last month. The ruling means that anyone issued a ticket for running a red light since the inception of the law five years ago will either have to pay up or get a court hearing to contest their ticket.

“People who haven’t paid need to do themselves a favor and get right on this stuff,” Roth said. “They did wrong, they need to pay their fine. If they don’t, they will be hearing from us.”

Attorney Patrick Bousquet with Brown & James Law Firm says his firm is still appealing the red light camera case. Bousquet says at this point, if you refuse to pay a city red light camera ticket, the worst that can happen is you will receive letters and phone calls from a Texas law firm hired to do collections.

Bousquet and other red light cameras opponents hope to appeal the manner before the Missouri Supreme Court.

“We intend to enforce these [tickets],” Roth reiterates. “You’re better off to pay it, let’s just say that.”


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