Brett Blume

(KMOX/Brett Blume)

(KMOX/Brett Blume)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Separately, donuts and croissants have both been around a long, long time.

But combine the two and you have a taste sensation that’s taking the culinary world by storm.

And while you may have heard of the ‘cronut’, you may not be aware that it has now arrived in St. Louis.

Steven Becker, owner of Nadoz Cafe at the Coronado on Lindell near SLU and a second location in Richmond Heights, recently visited the New York shop where the ‘cronut’ was introduced and brought the recipe back with him.

However, the ‘cronut’ inventor has trademarked the name so Becker held a contest on his Facebook page to let customers vote on a new name, with the winner being ‘doughssant’.

But what exactly is it?

“Croissant dough that is hand-formed and deep-fried,” Becker explains to KMOX News. “It’s brought out, rolled in cinnamon sugar…so it’s a form of a donut and a croissant together.”

His local twist is stuffing it with chocolate, or you can get the original concoction for $2.50 each.

That’s indeed a Midwestern bargain…what with people in New York sleeping on the sidewalk outside the shop where they were first introduced back in May, and some folks willing to pay scalpers up to $35 apiece for a cronut knock-off.

And while customers aren’t camping outside Nadoz to make sure they get their doughssant hot and fresh — at least not yet — Becker says he’s selling them as fast as he can turn them out.

“We’re selling ’em out by twelve, one o’clock,” he points out.

So you’d better get up early if you want to get in on the latest culinary sensation to hit town.


Nadoz has two locations: at the Coronado Ballroom 3701 Lindell Blvd., and on The Boulevard in Richmond Heights.


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