The Cardinals are in first place with the best record in baseball and have at least five players going to the 2013 All-Star Game. How can the club get better possibly with a trade? Chris Hrabe talked with Jay Jaffe, writer for Sports Illustrated & Baseball Prospectus, about the Redbirds possible options plus the upcoming the All-Star Game festivities.

Dwight Howard leaving the Los Angeles Lakers for the Houston Rockets had quite the blow-back from fans, which was not a surprise. Yet, Los Angeles media plus Howard’s former teammates are expressing their disdain as well. Chris talked about the saga with Nick Wright, host for 610 KILT AM, the CBS affiliate in Houston.

In a very active market in the NHL that’s had a lot of players change teams, how have the Blues done during the free agent period thus far? Will ‘The Note’ have to keep all three of their talented goalies? Chris talked with Greg Wyshynski, editor of the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports.


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