JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – A lot of Missourians are finding the state’s so-called “no call list” to be ineffective.

There have been 31,000 complaints thus far this year from people already on the list, according to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

That’s almost as many as during all of last year.

The reason is computer-generated “robo calls,” often from overseas. Officials say it is easy for companies to make these calls and it is difficult to trace the calls.

Unfortunately for consumer protection officials, there doesn’t seem to be a financial penalty big enough to deter them. One official called it “the new wave.”

It’s not just the multitude of calls they can make, it’s the kinds of disruptions the calls can cause, like disable your caller I.D. or make it look like someone you know is calling.

Because their computers do the dialing of random number combinations, your cell phone is being called the “new frontier” by consumer protection experts.

The calls can be made from anywhere on the globe and its costing the marketers hardly anything to make hundreds of thousands of calls in just seconds.

Consumers should never give out personal information like Social Security numbers, bank accounts, or even an address to anyone who calls.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office says it will continue to try and track down those who violate the no call list. They ask that anyone who receives a call in violation call the hotline at (800) 392-8222.


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