By Michael Calhoun

BRENTWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) – Food trucks in Brentwood could get the boot Wednesday night from the Planning and Zoning Commission, or at least face new restrictions and fees. Restaurant owners feel like they are under attack by more nimble food trucks, which don’t need to make as much of a major investment.

Restaurants pay taxes and are a permanent part of the community, according to Planning and Zoning Commission chairman Mike Daming, while food trucks can be fleeting and don’t contribute the same way.

“That long-term investment and frankly the revenues from those property taxes are just not there with these food trucks,” Daming says.

Food trucks, however, are popular with residents and offer variety.

“Is the convenience and the variety that would be presented by these food trucks, do those factors outweigh the potential harm that could be done to these brick-and-mortar businesses,” Daming says.

There could be a compromise that will force the food truck owners to purchase licenses and impose restrictions on where and when food can be served from the vehicle.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. Wednesday night at Brentwood City Hall.


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