SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (KMOX) – The governor of Illinois is turning up the rhetorical heat to light a fire under lawmakers over the pension reform issue.

Gov. Pat Quinn is sticking with the no-pay-until-completion move.

“I think it’s important that we keep the pressure on, that we need (a) fundamental overhaul on the area of pension reform,” Quinn says, according to the Illinois Radio Network. “That has not happened yet, the bill isn’t on my desk, and until the bill gets on my desk that’s comprehensive when it comes to pension reform, there will be no pay for the legislature, and I voluntarily take no pay for myself. We’re gonna get the job done.”

Quinn says partial measures will not restore the lawmakers’ pay.

“We’re not going to let legislators come in with some incomplete proposal that doesn’t get the job done,” he says. “You don’t get paid for doing a half-job, you get paid for doing the whole job.”

The Illinois governor says he has the authority to veto the appropriation for lawmakers’ salaries, though it appears his authority may be in conflict with other constitutional provisions.

“The governor has the fundamental constitutional right to take an appropriation bill passed by the legislator and act upon it, including vetoing part of that bill, part of that appropriation bill,” Quinn says. “That’s a fundamental power of the governor’s office and it’s a very important power to protect the taxpayers.”

Lawmakers are unlikely to override the governor’s veto , but the burden falls on the state comptroller, who on Aug. 1 will be faced with the responsibility to pay the lawmakers.


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