by Debbie Monterrey

I avoided the downtown Macy’s going-out-of-business sale for several weeks. I just didn’t have the heart to go. But I finally gave in this week. So. Sad.

The good news–it was busier than I think I’ve ever seen it. The bad news–we were all there to pick over the bones of a dying store.

I’ve been a frequent customer of the Downtown Macy’s. I love the convenience, the old-school big-city feel of a store with multiple escalators. The customer service was always great (admittedly because the Macy’s employees were bored and glad to help the occasional customer).
Downtown St. Louis still has shops and plenty of restaurants, but the big department store is gone forever. I tell myself, things change. Life goes on.

Will I drive to the county to go to Macy’s? Maybe not (I say as I order my Clinique products from

Just a few weeks of the closing sale left. They’re selling off the fixtures, too. Get ’em before they’re gone.


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