CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) – Hundreds of angry Oakville residents piled into school buses and drove to Clayton Monday night in hopes of shutting down construction of a three-story senior center on Telegraph Rd. but National Church Residences vows to press on with its plans.

“If it is that important to these people, they should have brought that bond up and stopped this but they didn’t do it,” said John King, an attorney for National Church Residences, at the St. Louis County Planning & Zoning Commission meeting.

Angry residents yelled back at King that they didn’t know of the plans prior to construction.

It doesn’t matter whether neighbors knew or not, King said. Since St. Louis County has awarded a contract, it risks a lawsuit if it reneges.

“You’re probably going to get the county sued,” one resident told the commission Monday night, vowing a lawsuit “one way or another.”

“Lawsuits will more than likely come, whether it’s from NCR or whether it’s from the residents. There will likely be lawsuits,” another resident said.

The concerns of residents include increased traffic, trash, and the complex’s fence being feet away from the fence of a school.

“We’re not going to stop,” King vowed, “we’re going to continue to build.”

Commissioners didn’t vote on the project last night but indicated they likely will at their next regular meeting on August 5.

“We trust you with the future of this development,” a resident told the commission. “You can do the right thing, it’s not too late.”

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