Brett Blume

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – You’re being watched by hundreds of eyes as you drive down Delmar at the line where University City and the city of St. Louis meet, just west of Skinker.

The massive mural is the brain-child of street artist Peat Wollaeger and decorates a long, low wall that separates construction crews working on the new ‘Lofts at Washington University’ from passersby.

Click HERE to view photo gallery of Wollaeger’s mural

“This is the biggest wall I’ve ever painted,” Wollaeger told KMOX News during a short break in the 90-degree heat. “It’s 300 feet long. It’s a massive wall but I have a great crews of folks and we really got this thing together in literally three days.”

The creation of massive 8′ x 8′ stencils with the eye pattern cut into it helps to vastly speed up the work.

Wollaeger says that even though spray paint is “my medium” he considers himself a legitimate street artist and not a renegade “tagger”, identifying the line that divides the two as one’s motivation.

“My motivation is to beautify, not vandalize,” he pointed out.

In fact Wollaeger was contracted to create the colorful mural precisely because “taggers” were using the long wooden wall as their own personal canvas.

He admitted that it does hurt a bit to know that the eye mural will be taken down after about a year, but that’s just part of the game in street art.

Anybody who knows Wollaeger or his public art know that “eyes” are his thing.

“They’re the windows to your soul,” he explained with great animation. “We live in this closed world of texting and emailing and I’m trying to open people’s eyes to art and hopefully make some change in this world.”

You can find Peat Wollaeger on the web at or on Instragram @eyez.


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