Harry Hamm

harry star 2stars R.I.P.D is D.O.A.  at C.I.N.E.S

The summer run of failed blockbusters continues. “R.I.P.D” arrives this weekend after an well-honed marketing campaign and effective trailers that managed to hide this movie’s laggardly pace and ineffective storyline.


Oscar winner Jeff Bridges plays a dead lawman from the old west who is paired in the afterlife with Ryan Reynolds.


Reynolds’s character, a Boston PD police officer, is killed during a raid by a fellow cop, played by Kevin Bacon. Bacon is trying to make it look like the bad guys shot Reynolds, but Bacon’s real goal is to hide an illegal theft of gold they both did during a previous arrest.


You see, after Reynolds has died, he goes to heaven only to find that they wanted to recruit him to come back to Earth and kill zombies. They pair him with Bridges who is experienced at killing Zombies.


While on Earth, they both look different from their real selves. Reynolds looks like an old Oriental man, and Bridges like a beautiful blonde.


Of course, Reynolds wants to get revenge on Bacon while he’s back.

“R.I.P.D.” isn’t funny or interesting. The zombie action scenes are retreads. There is no chemistry between Reynolds and Bridges. How can Hollywood manage to get so much wrong in one film?

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