During “The Mike Matheny Show” on KMOX, the Cardinals’ Manager talks about PEDs and their impact on the game of baseball.

He told KMOX’s Kevin Wheeler what it was like playing in the “steroid era.”

“As players, we knew that there was stuff going on even though guys weren’t going around publicizing it. It was pretty obvious.”

“None of us were proud of the fact that we played in an era that was kind of tainted by that that,” Matheny said.

Speaking about PED problems currently facing Major League Baseball, Matheny said,  “We’re at the point where we just want it cleaned up. We want it cleaned up for the good of the game. We want it cleaned up because I believe that’s what our fan base deserves.”

Wheeler asked Matheny why he thinks clean players don’t speak up about PED use.

“I think we all just look at the fact that guys, and people in general, make decisions that they’re going to make.  And until you’ve walked in their shoes you can’t really say what they should be doing,“ Matheny explained

Matheny said seeing the background of some of the Latin American players gave him a better understanding of why some players turn to PEDs.

“I saw that…a high percentage of them really only had a couple chances to get out of poverty and baseball was one of them. I think a lot of times they just fell into some bad decisions and some bad advice – thinking that this was the only chance that they had to make a difference for them and their families.”

“I never thought anything was a good excuse to cheat,” he continued, “but I also understand that there’s a lot more sometimes to the story than what we see at face value.”

Listen to more of Mike Matheny’s conversation with Kevin Wheeler.

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