ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – President Barack Obama was talking in Missouri and Illinois on Wednesday talking about refocusing on the economy, but Missouri’s Republican Senator says it is all rhetoric, not reality.

In his weekly conference call, Senator Roy Blunt says the President can talk all he wants about making American better for the middle class, but he says none of the President’s policies actually do that.

“Taxes, higher energy cost, higher health care costs, regulation that doesn’t seem to have any cost benefit analysis,” Sen. Blunt notes as problems with Obama’s policies.

Sen. Blunt says the President’s talk about “pivoting” to the economy doesn’t translate into real growth.

“Frankly what happens between these pivots as it relates to talking about higher taxes and higher utility bills and uncertain health care costs,” he explains.

In his speech in Illinois, President Obama challenged Republicans to offer new solutions, rather than just shooting down his ideas.

Sen. Blunt says he has done just that with health care, but has not received a response.


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