Harry Hamm

No one knows for certain why it’s happening, but the majority of the mega-budget action and special effects films this summer are not selling tickets to the degree they have in the past. Hugh Jackman starring in “The Wolverine,” the sixth installment in the X-Men series, is the most recent example. It finished first this weekend with $55 million, but the studios had estimated a first weekend total of at least $75 million.

conjuringpic Big Budget Films Still Struggling For Attendance

The horror film about a home troubled by evil spirits, “The Conjuring,” came in second with a good total of $22.1 million, giving it a total take of $83.9 million for two weeks in release. The strong showing of “The Conjuring” has been a mild surprise.

despic 2

Those loveable Minions seem to be the most popular movies stars around. “Despicable Me 2” finished third this weekend selling $16 million. For four weeks in release, the movie has sold a grand total of $306.4 million, assuring that it will be one of the top 10 box office hits of 2013.

turbo pic

Another animated film, “Turbo,” came in fourth with $13.3 million. In fifth place was “Grown Ups 2” with $11.5 million. For the balance of the weekend’s box office results, please click on the link below.

two guns

Opening Friday is the action shoot-up movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg called “2 Guns.”

smurfs 2

Opening August 1 is the animated sequel, “Smurfs 2.”



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