CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOX) – On the twentieth anniversary of the Flood of 1993 and the bursting of Chesterfield’s Monarch levee, the owners of new development in Chesterfield Valley may be paying less for flood insurance than before.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Insurance Specialist Robert Butler says the higher the levees, the lower the premiums.

Because of the levee’s upgrades, Chesterfield is not categorized as high-risk. While residents must have flood insurance, the upgrades mean a break on flood insurance premiums for those in the valley, most of whom are businesses.

“Right now, today, there are 378 insurance policies in the community and about 254 of those are on businesses,” Butler explains.

It is usually apparent that you’re in a flood plain; for instance, building code requires the first floors of buildings be raised above flood levels.

In Chesterfield Valley, Butler says such measures are unnecessary since the rebuilt levee allows much of the community to be labeled as “non-special flood hazard areas.”

In the eyes of FEMA, the level of protection afforded means there is less risk of taxpayers covering a catastrophe.


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