BRIDGETON, Mo. (KMOX) – The Environmental Protection Agency says it is continuing testing at the radioactive West Lake Landfill while also watching what is happening next-door at the smoldering Bridgeton Landfill.

EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks says what the neighbors do affects what they do.

“We continue to do the science that we committed to do to find out more about how groundwater behaves. We continue to cooperate with the [Department of Natural Resources] in providing air monitoring information which shows that there is no public health risk from emissions coming from the West Lake facility,” Brooks says.

“We said that we would get the science in to make a good remedy decision. We’ll get that science in,” he added. “Certainly we’re aware of what’s happening in Bridgeton and we work closely with our partners in the state agencies so we know what they know.”

There are those who disagree with the notion that the West Lake waste doesn’t constitute a public health risk. Many of those dissenters took part in a prayer vigil Wednesday morning on a nearby parking lot, asking officials to move the waste.

The activists claim that Wednesday marks the fortieth anniversary of the first waste being delivered to West Lake.

Looking ahead, Brooks says groundwater sampling should be done by October.

“At that point, decisions may have been made – I want to emphasize ‘may have been made’ – about Bridgeton. We’ll incorporate that information and then we’ll have to go and see what that does to our record of decision,” he said. “So fall will be the next point.”

When asked about the landfills at a St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday, County Executive Charlie Dooley said there was little he could do.

“This is a state and federal issue. Now, we support that something needs to be done but again, it’s in St. Louis County, but it’s an EPA issue and it’s a state issue,” he says.


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