ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — A St. Louis event planner is calling the FBI’s nationwide crackdown on child sex trafficking, “a huge success.”

The FBI announced this week that 105 children who were forced into prostitution were rescued and 150 people described as pimps were arrested during the raids across 76 cities in the United States.

The San Francisco Bay area saw the most significant number of child prostitutes given a better life with 12 children rescued and 17 alleged pimps arrested.

Detroit and Milwaukee had the second-highest number with 10 children rescued each.

Principal with Nix Conference and Meeting Management, Molly Hackett has spent the last two years trying to convince the travel industry that their properties are being used by pimps. She says often hotel managers are shocked and even resistant until they see photos of their hotel rooms in ads featuring young girls for sale.

Hackett said one photo they use a lot in demonstrations shows the old courthouse in downtown St. Louis through a window.

She trains front desk, bellman and even housekeeping on how to spot child prostitution including monitoring the amount of food sent to a certain room and if several requests for linen changes are made.

Hackett is planning a conference next spring to educate hotel management and encourage corporate America to in her words, “take up the fight against child sex trafficking.”


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