Chris Hrabe

What a boring trade deadline. Barely anything of consequence happened as 3pm Central came and went on Wednesday afternoon, including absolutely nothing of consequence whatsoever in the NL Central.

Boring. And people were shocked, or surprised, or at the least annoyed, because it seemed like we were on the brink of superstars flying all over the place last week and into the deadline yesterday.

This is not an indictment of the teams that didn’t add anything. This was a down year in terms of trades, and a lot of teams stood pat. This it is an indictment of the “hype-machine” that has continued to manifest itself over the past few years. A lot of this probably has to do with Twitter.

It’s easy to slap a rumor (or passed-along information) into a Tweet, and throw the word “sources” somewhere in the mix.

What happened? When did the quantity of information become more valuable, to reporters and consumers alike, than the actual information? Some of it is so vague, it doesn’t even concretely misrepresent a trade that isn’t happening?

Misinformation is everywhere. It happens before the NFL and NBA Drafts. It happens at the trade deadlines. It happens in free agency. As I said yesterday, this says a lot about the folks willing to be wrong over and over again for the sake of being something.

Writers, bloggers, reporters, whomever, you know who you are. You are the mules of front offices and agents, carrying their pails of misinformation into the daylight, spilling them for anyone to lap up off of the street.

And for what? I don’t know. Not even page-clicks. Does it benefit your website to put out a tweet that doesn’t even drive traffic to your site?

I don’t want this to come off as holier than thou, but there is a reason I don’t try to break news. Because I can’t. Frankly, it’s not my job. And I don’t have sources. And if I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to double-source anything.

But that’s ok. Stay in your lane. Some of the best baseball writers both locally and nationally realize that there isn’t a reason to throw crap against the wall if you don’t have to. I appreciate the reaction to the actual, as opposed to the creation of the fantasy.

So this is the way we will continue to operate, seeing what crap sticks against the wall and what doesn’t. Maybe I’ll just stop paying attention to the wall.


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