Harry Hamm

harry star 3stars Two Little in 2 Guns

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg lead a good cast in a new film that most likely will not live up to your expectations. It’s called “2 Guns” and the unusual plot has difficulty unfolding in a manner that will really grab your total interest.

guns 1

When you first see our two action stars, they seem to be a pair of free-lance drug smugglers working for a cartel kingpin played by Edward James Olmos. Then their theft of $43 million from a small rural bank starts the script confusion big time.

guns 2

You see, both our “heroes” are actually government operatives, although neither knows that about each other at the start. It seems Denzel is DEA (and even has a comely DEA girlfriend played by Paula Patton) and Mark is with the Naval Intelligence Service. Mark’s handler is a Navy Seal Officer, played with evil disdain by James Marsden. Bill Paxton plays a murderous southern killer who has been involved with Olmos’ character for years and wants the $43 million the boys took from the bank.

guns 4

“2 Guns” has lots of firepower. The bad boy banter between Washington and Wahlberg is often too chatty. Their relationship never really gets compelling, or even that funny.

guns 5

This is not a bad picture. It just isn’t as interesting and entertaining as it should have been. But even when he’s average, Denzel Washington can still fill a theater, which he’ll do the opening weekend of “2 Guns.”



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