It’s been a rough summer for me when it comes to hummingbirds.


The season started off with the annual cleaning and filling of the feeders in anticipation of seeing these amazing birds buzz around our house during the warm days of summer.


The feeders were put in place early in the season in hopes of getting some of the transient birds as they headed north from their winter quarters.


Alas, it was all for naught as nary a hummer was seen.  Neighbors report birds yet there was none for me.  Still, I kept the faith keeping the feeders clean and loaded with the sugar and water mix the birds need.


It was hummingbird desert until this week when a lone bird (or two?) started showing up and feeding greedily at the feeding station just off our back porch.


Am I looking at birds from further north who are already heading south for the winter or has a local bird finally found my feeders?  I really don’t care because seeing these marvelous creatures hover, land, feed and then zip off to a close tree brand to rest warms my heart and reminds me of how amazing these creatures really are.


So the feeders will remain up until the last sighting and then some before Then they will be taken down until next year when hope springs anew that these marvels of nature will again return from their winter quarters and warm my heart with their presence.




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