ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – For nearly 90 years there has been a department store in the Railway Exchange Building downtown but today, Macys is closing.

The building was home to Famous-Barr for most of those nine decades. Macy’s will shut its doors for the final time at six o’clock tonight.

Today, there is little left besides area rugs. If you’re not in the hunt for one of those, you may have to stroll through, just for one last look.

As for what St. Louisans would like the space to become, opinions vary.

“Multi-level retail, maybe some restaurants on the main floors, shops upstairs,” one woman suggested.

“A city Target, yes, that would be great,” another added, “and a CVS, a pharmacy downtown.”

“I think something like a Kohl’s or a Target or something that offered a little bit more diversity,” another Macy’s shopper suggested Monday.

A tech start-up incubator calls some of the upper floors of the building home and its owner has been exploring the idea of putting a data center on several of the former Macy’s floors.

One shopper Monday looked longingly at Chesterfield’s dual outlet walls and wondered, why not here?

“They put it in Chesterfield and all of them places, they should do it downtown,” she said. “When people come, you know, this is tourists. When people come from out of town, the first thing they want to do is shop.”

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