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Hollywood is getting careless about casting. They pair headliners based on what they think will be box office draw, with little concern if the performers have any on screen appeal together. And if you’re doing a comedy, that can be deadly.

millers 4

Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston star in “We’re the Millers.” They live in the same rundown apartment building. She’s a stripper. He’s a second-rate pot dealer. On screen, their chemistry is zilch.

millers 1

Sudeikis get the opportunity from his supplier, a dastardly egomaniac played by Ed Helms, to go to Mexico and bring back a special shipment for a very big pay day. In order to pull it off, Sudeikis concocts a plan to use an RV and pretend he’s on a family vacation. He recruits Aniston to pretend she’s his wife. He also gets a nerdy teen from his building and a girl who is a runaway to pretend they are his kids. Instant family.

milers 5

There is a lot of darkness in this lame comedy. The plot is outlandish and the characters are unappealing. There some funny lines and a few laughs here and there, but “We’re the Millers” is so loosely constructed and flimsy that the predictable ending can’t come too soon.


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