ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A “very good start” is the way St. Louis Public School Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams described the first day of classes Monday.

SLPS spokesman Patrick Wallace says Dr. Adams conducted a review of the first day.

“We had representatives in every school go out in the morning to check with the schools, see if buses arrived on time, see if they have enough textbooks, see if the computers are working,” he explained. “Basically, at the end of the day we meet and recap and see how everything went. The reports were pretty much all positive”

Although the actual number of attending students was down from last year – around 200 fewer – Wallace points out that the district appears to be on track for more than 80 percent attendance. That would put enrollment on the same level as the past several years.

20,055 students arrived for class at the city’s public schools yesterday. There were 20,283 on the first day of 2012.

Meanwhile, Adams was asked about the school transfer saga that has caused headaches for many in St. Louis County and threatened to bankrupt the Riverview Gardens and Normandy school districts. The superintendent says he feels their pain.

“My heart goes out to those two superintendents who started July 1st. They’ve been on the job roughly six weeks and obviously they have a very challenging situation,” he said. Adams stressed the need for solutions that force districts to action before there’s an exodus out.

St. Louis Public Schools was part of the lawsuit which led to the flood of transfers but the district regained provisional accreditation just in time to not take part.

“I think we can’t forget the kids that remain in those kind of districts. We need to support their needs to get the district out of the kind of trouble that it’s in,” Adams added.


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