Just like celebrities on the red carpet, KMOX fans are constantly asking the Mighty Mox team about their stylish uniforms!


Would you like to know just how the KMOX Mighty Mox got to look so good? The truth is, the Mighty Mox’s sleek and fashionable threads are all thanks to a fantastic sponsor, WhoopTee!

Browse through the gallery below for snapshots of the KMOX Mighty Mox sporting their t-shirts all around St. Louis at various KMOX activities including a toasted ravioli tasting on the Hill, a trilling ride through the treetops at the Creave Coeur Park Zip Line, a heart racing go-cart race at Pole Position Raceway, and more!

We created our own look and you can too! Check out WhoopTee and easy design your own custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

logo Who Are They Wearing?

Custom T-Shirt Design


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