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The combination of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost scores more time than it misses. With “The World’s End,” the two have collaborated again as writers and actors in a movie whose storyline really defines the world “unusual.” The film is also brimming with laughs, Brit style.

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Pegg plays a guy still trapped mentally and emotionally in his last year of high school some 20 years ago. As befits such a misfit, he wants to reunite with four of his former high school chums, played by Frost and Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman and Eddie Marsan. They have all moved on with their lives into mostly responsible adulthood. Pegg’s character has not.

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The purpose of the reunion is to recreate a night back in high school when they tried to have 12 brews in 12 different pubs in the small town of Newton Haven, where they grew up. Pegg refers to the guzzling itinerary as the Golden Mile.

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The old gang gets back together and starts the “journey” only to have it interrupted by some blue blood walking dead types who seemingly have taken over Newton Haven. It is at this point that this comedy displays some inconsistent pacing, which is unfortunate because this entire motion picture is built on an adventurous comic energy that needs to be pushed at all times.

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Most of the cast, including Pegg, have credentials and training as serious dramatic actors, which helps propel some of the subtext in this script. The movie is not totally all laughs. There is some introspection. But overall, “The World’s End” offers a lot to laugh at and a little bit to think about. And Simon Pegg is always an engaging actor who gets the hook into audiences looking for misfit merriment.


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