BOONVILLE, Mo. (KMOX) — It appears that Boonville school superintendent Dr. Mark Ficken has weathered the firestorm of the infamous Obama Clown incident at this year’s State Fair.

An lawyer for superintendent Mark Ficken said Wednesday that an investigation by the school district found Ficken was not involved in inappropriate actions or statements.

“The reporter in Kansas City erroneously reported and attributed the objectionable statements that were made and the objectionable actions that were effectuate by the rodeo clown to Dr. Mark Ficken,” said St. Louis attorney Albert Watkins.

Ficken was an announcer at the August 10th event. He said he was unaware a clown was going to rile up the crowd to watch a bull charge a man wearing an Obama mask.

Following the independent investigation the Booneville School District released this statement:

The Boonville, Missouri School District last night released its investigative findings into the role of its superintendent, Dr. Mark Ficken, in the August 10, 2013 Obama rodeo incident at the Missouri State Fair. The finding cleared Dr. Ficken of any wrong-doing, inappropriate actions or statements. The findings and the report gave rise to the Board’s unanimous support of Dr. Ficken.

The investigative report was prepared by Jim Ritter, a retired Columbia, Missouri Public Schools Superintendent and Rick Williams, a retired navy Judge Advocate and former Missouri Attorney General.

“My client is proud to be associated with a school district where the reputation of a man is held in high enough esteem to warrant a complete investigation before taking draconian action based on erroneous media reports,” said Albert S. Watkins, legal counsel for the Boonville School District Superintendent, Dr. Mark Ficken, to whom initial world-wide news reports incorrectly attributed the inappropriate comments and actions of a third-party rodeo clown.

“It appears those who tried to characterize the Heartland of America as a cistern for systemic racism overlooked one thing…the truth,” concluded Watkins.


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